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Oct 13, 2016 at 09:48 AM


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I want to know Regarding SAP EDM RTP.

My questions are:

1.The RTP interface has a formula(for example: COPY01) which states 'Copy One Profile Into Two Output Profiles'. So, the output of the COPY01 are 'QUANTITY and DEMAND'. That means, will we assign these two outputs('QUANTITY and DEMAND') of the COPY01 to the Rates in the Rate steps as input operands?? or what input parameter we assign to Rate's input parameters(if not QUANTITY and DEMAND)?

2. What is the use of RESULT PARAMETER in RTP interface? Do we pass the result parameter to the input parameter for RATEs steps??(may be this question is the answer for the 1st quetion)

3. Do we use calculations in RTP profiles? and How RTP and Calculation profiles are linked?

I know we use Tcode: EEMDCALCWB for calculating profiles which will update the tables EPROFVAL*.

4. Is It mandatory to use Formula using EEDMCALCWB for RTP profiles? or there is another way where we don't need to use EEDMCALCWB and billing is possible?

5. How RTP and calculation profiles are linked??