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failed to load content resource


I am trying to load my .vds file into view but it is throwing an error saying “Failed to build a scene from the loaded content resources. code: -6, message: Incorrect format”. Please give the solution to my email id

Below is the code,

	<Page title="{i18n>title}">
		<MessageStrip class="sapUiSmallMarginBottom" text="To play each step select the step or else can play all steps together" showIcon="true"/>
		<vk:Viewer id="viewer" toolbarTitle="3D Viewer" enableSceneTree="false" showSceneTree="false" showStepNavigation="true" visible="true"
						width="100%" height="85%">

// Controller"sap.ui.vk.GraphicsCore");
], function(Controller, ContentResource) {
	"use strict";

return Controller.extend("threeDObj.controller.View1", {

onInit: function() {
	var mainScene;
	var that = this;
	var sourceData = {
	localFile: undefined,
	remoteUrl: "images/myTurbineNewWithoutAllSteps.vds"
	var view = this.getView();
	var viewer = view.byId("viewer");
        that.loadModelIntoViewer1(viewer, sourceData);
loadModelIntoViewer1: function(viewer1, sourceData) {
	if (viewer1.getScene() === null) {
             var source = sourceData.remoteUrl || sourceData.localFile;
	     if (source) {
		var contentResource = new ContentResource({
				        	source: source,
						sourceType: "vds",
						sourceId: "abc"



error1.png (29.2 kB)
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