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Oct 29, 2007 at 07:31 PM

Data is missing in Even Page when report running in background (spool)



I have this weird problem in my report. The report would run in background convert the data in to PDF from spool and then email it to people.

Now when the PDF has more then 1 page the error occurs.

It drops the last row from the even page. The total at the end and every thing shows correctly. If there r more than 2 pages then on page 3 the last row is not dropped and its all fine but again on page 4 it drops one record and on page 5 again its working fine.

One thing is it also puts an extra line(horizontal line which is not in the code) on those pages where its unable to put the record and its always the last one on the even page. I also looked up the spool. Its doing it in the spool too. So i think its not the PDF converter its when the spool is getting created for some reason its droping the rows for the even pages...

Did any one else encountered some thing like this? please help.


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