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no default partner function in sales order

Hi All,

i don't want the system suggest ship-to, bill-to and payer partner functions in sales order entry and user should manually enter them. i have removed these three from customer master. but when creating sales order, system automatically fill these fields with sold-to party. what shall i do?

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2 Answers

  • Sep 27, 2017 at 09:51 AM

    If I were a business user in this company, I would be really upset if something of that sort is implemented, because it will severely decrease my productivity and it means more mistakes.

    Anyway, you are not supposed to change the customer partner function procedure to fulfill such request, but the order header procedure. In VOPAN there are settings for the source of data for different partner functions. Source = ' ' means deriving from customer master data (KNVP). You simply need a different source.

    Why do you need to force the business to enter all these partners by hand? Can't you come up with a more elegant solution, like proposing the relevant partners, even if this means adding some custom logic?

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    • In your original post you stated that you do not want to determine ship-to, payer and bill-to from customer master.

      Now you state that you need to get these from customer master of the sold-to party. Since this is starting to get confusing - please try to explain exactly what is the current behavior in QAS/PRD (before you made any changes to configuration and master data with examples and screenshots and what is the desired outcome (examples).

      I assume that originally in the procedure origin was set to ' ' and you had nothing is source field. With this setting the logic is the following - if partner numbers for the corresponding partner functions can be determined from the sold-to party customer master data (KNVP), they will be retrieved from there. If for some reason the partner cannot be determined from KNVP (partner not maintained for example), the system will try to copy the same number as sold-to party to the corresponding function (this happens for PY, BP). If the account group for SP is not permitted to be used as PY, BP, then no partner number will be populated (you get '0' in partner overview).

      If the system behavior is different from what I briefly described and in your documents different partners are determined than what is expected by configuration, I would suspect that there is currently some custom logic implemented (but it is not done via exit_saplv09a_003).

      I still believe that the effort and investigation needs to be directed in proposing the relevant partner numbers (from master data or from other sources if necessary) instead of forcing the end user to search for the numbers himself.

      In the sales order there is a handy functionality to view partner determination log - if with source = ' ' and origin = ' ' and maintained partners in the customer master you still get no numbers in partner overview, this is the first place to look for answers.

  • Sep 27, 2017 at 08:46 AM


    Can you share a screenshot from customer master where Only SP is there?

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