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Former Member
Oct 29, 2007 at 04:08 PM

get the attribute value ( created dynamically )


Hello Friends,

I am creating an attribute dynamically in my wdmodify method and added it to context as follows:

IWDAttributeInfo sign = wdContext.wdGetAPI().getRootNodeInfo().addAttribute("sign"+i, "variantpack.sign");

IWDAttributeInfo option = wdContext.wdGetAPI().getRootNodeInfo().addAttribute("option"i1, "variantpack.option");

wdContext.currentContextElement().setAttributeValue("sign", wdContext.currentContextElement().node().getCurrentElement().getAttributeValue("sign"+i).toString().toUpperCase());

wdContext.currentContextElement().setAttributeValue("option", wdContext.currentContextElement().node().getCurrentElement().getAttributeValue("option"i1).toString().toUpperCase());

Now on method onActionSelect, I have to access the attributes.... how I can determine the name: e.g IF I know the name of attribute I can do something like this..


I thought to make an arraylist in wdmodify and add all attribute names and in onActionSelect method read the arraylist and get the attribute-name and then get the value..... dont know if its a good way,

ur suggestions are highly appreciated....