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Transaction stopped working in RF screen after upgrade

Sep 26, 2017 at 09:36 AM


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We have developed a custom transaction for packing inbound/Returns delivery items in pallets as batches. This transaction was working fine in SAP GUI and the RF device earlier. Recently, the systems were upgraded to EHP 8, from then on this transaction stopped working.

Transaction Break up:

The below steps are triggered within the custom transaction when we hit the save button on the RF screen.

1. Once we enter the quantity to be packed, a batch split happens on the line item.(BDC - VL02N)

2. Packing of the batch split line item happens with the custom handling unit.(BAPI -WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE, BAPI_HU_PACK.)

3. After packing, a TO will be created with the packed batch split line item.(BDC - LT03)

Now, the issue is that, when we execute the custom transaction from SAP GUI, it is working fine but the same transaction from RF device is giving an error "No items or handling units to be placed in storage could be determined". From this message, it is evident that the transaction is directly hitting transaction LT03(Step - 3) and tries to create a TO without a batch split line item and fails. But then why did it not hit steps 1 & 2 ?

We are trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, could it be on the telnet side or on the SAP console side. Please share some ideas if any of you have faced a similar situation and overcame.

Is there a way to debug the request that is coming from RF device when the custom transaction is being executed from RF ?

Note: This issue is occurring after the recent EHP upgrade. All other RF transactions are working fine.

Thanks in advance,


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Neil Murphy
Sep 28, 2017 at 11:23 AM

"No items or handling units to be placed in storage could be determined" (Error L3 898)
There was a recent bugfix for this error in Note 2512973. You could check if you have that Note implemented.

With regard to debugging - you should be able to use the debugger in SAPGUI (enter /h in the OK code field and Enter) unless the issue only occurs on the RF device (i.e. not reproducible in SAPGUI).

If the issue only occurs on the device, then more than likely this is an issue on the hardware side (RF device), perhaps compatibility. A solution there might involve your ABAP developers, the device maker &/or a SAP consultant.

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Hi Neil,

Thanks for your reply,

The issue does not occur in SAP GUI. We raised this to SAP support, but as this is a custom transaction they denied any support.

As this issue occurs only in RF device and Telnet, we have raised the incident to Georgia Soft works. I will update once we hear from them.

Thanks & Regards,

Vivek Balaji V.


If you want Neil to see your reply then you should have used "Comment on this answer" instead of posting an answer to yourself.

You probably got a notification for your own answer. Neil does not get any notification if he has not explicitly followed this discussion

So let me at least mention him to get his attention Neil Murphy


Thanks Jürgen!

Former Member - You will need to contact the people responsible for your custom transaction. As this is not reproducible in SAP standard transactions/programs, it seems likely to be a custom consulting issue. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure compatibility of their custom code with upgrades to SAP standard. It is not possible for SAP's upgrades to account for all the multitudes of ways that customers' can customize, modify and use the product.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks Neil.

As the issue is not occurring when the custom transaction is being executed in SAP GUI, the reason cannot be due to upgrade. In GUI, it works perfectly.

Issue occurs only when the transaction is called from RF device or the telnet command prompt. Hence we are checking the issue in a different angle.