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In HANA calculation view on pushing down the calculations at table level , memory increased 7 time

Hi, I am trying to improve the performance of some HANA views that deal with huge amount of data (10's of millions of records).

Hierarchy of views is:

Base view (contain left outer join on Business Partner ID from Consumer account table to policy table) <---- policy129 view (contain left outer join between policy table and policy contract table)<---- policy 126 view(contain fields from policy contract table)

to improve performance I pushed down some calculations from join in base view to table in policy 126 view.

The execution time decreased from 500 sec to 350 sec but there is an exponential increase in memory from 20 GB to140 GB.

What all can be the possible reasons, and how can I start my analysis on the same.As plan viz don't help with memory consumption issues.

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  • PlanViz does show memory consumption for the POPs, so that would be a good start to analyse.

    One option here is to compare the two PlanViz outputs and check for additional materialisation that might be necessary now to perform the joins.

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