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Oct 27, 2007 at 04:12 PM

reporting different plan version


Hi Guys,

Does any one know how I can report different plan versions using the 0ec_pca_1 extractors.

the standard extractor brings 0vtype and 0version. With the value type (0vtype), actual data will have value type =10, while plan data is value type =20. There is only one version, which is actual/plan. So basically u use a combination of the version and value type to get correct plan or actual data in the qery.

However in our own case we have a Budget version and several forecast versions. e.g forcast1/forcast2. However both the budget and forecast versions have value type 20 on the cube, so they are all categorised under plan. How can I categorise my data into Actual/budget/Forecast1/forecast2 in my query.

Also in the query designer I have the different budget and the different forecast versions.. My problem is that the vaue type assigned to the budget and the diferent forcast on the master data table (e.g forcast =40, bdget=50) do not come through to the query, otherwise, I would just assign these value.

My Question is, is it then sufficient to just use Valuetype = plan (20) and version =Forecast 1 to get my forecast1 data?. Also for my actual data do I need to use version ActualvsPlan, can I just use Valuetype =Actual (10). key figure am using is amount (debit+credit).... any ideas from any one will be helpful