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Oct 27, 2007 at 07:13 AM

TAXINN procedure



I am using TAXINN. The default TAXINN procedure does not incorporate VAT and CESS calculation. Can someone explain me the default TAXINN procedure as below? Thanks

Condition type Condition description From step Acct key

BASB Base Amount

Calculated Call 100

Sub total 110

JSER Inp SrvTx (Not used) 100 ESA

JSVD Inp SrvTx Cr 120 ESE

JEC3 Inp SrvTxEces Cr 260 VS8

JSE1 Inp SrvTxSEces Cr 260 JI5

JSV2 Inp SrvTx w/o Cr 120 NVV

JEC4 Inp SrvTxEces w/o Cr 270 NVV

JSE2 Inp SrvTxSEces w/oCr270 NVV

Total SrvTx 260

JMOP Inp BED Cr % 120 VS1

JMOQ Inp BED Cr Qty 120 VS1

JAOP Inp AED Cr % 120 VS2

JAOQ Inp AED Cr Qty 120 VS2

JSOP Inp SED Cr % 120 VS3

JSOQ Inp SED Cr Qty 120 VS3

JMIP Inp BED w/o Cr % 120 NVV

JMIQ Inp BED w/o Cr Qty 120 NVV

JAIP Inp AED w/o Cr % 120 NVV

JAIQ Inp AED w/o Cr Qty 120 NVV

JSIP Inp SED w/o Cr % 120 NVV

JSIQ Inp SED w/o Cr Qty 120 NVV

JMX1 Inp BED Cr Total 560

JAX1 Inp AED Cr Total 562

JSX1 Inp SED Cr Total 564

JMX2 Inp BED w/o Cr Tot 570

JAX2 Inp AED w/o Cr Tot 572

JSX2 Inp SED w/o Cr Tot 574

Total excise duty 578

Sub Total for Ecess Cr578

Sub Total for Ecess w/o Cr581

Copy of Net Price 120

JEC1 Inp Ecess Cr % 586 VS9

JEC2 Inp Ecess w/o Cr % 587 NVV

JSEP Inp SEcess Cr % 586 JI6

JSEI Inp SEcess w/o Cr % 587 NVV

JEX1 Inp Ecess Cr Tot 590

JEX2 Inp Ecess w/o Cr Tot 592

JHX1 Inp SEcess Cr Tot 593

JHX2 Inp SEcess w/o Cr Tot594

Price + Excise Duty w/o Ecess586

Sub Total for Sales Tax594

JIPS Inp LST Setoff 600 VS5


JVCS Inp CST under VAT 600 JP4

JVRD Inp VAT Cr Non-CG 600 JP5

JVRN Inp VAT w/o Cr Non-CG600 JP6

JVCD Inp VAT Cr CG 600 JP7

JVCN Inp VAT w/o Cr CG 600 JP8


Total inclusive of Taxes 600