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Oct 26, 2007 at 06:55 PM

Outgoing Payments in Foreign Currency


I am trying to figure out how to correctly post payments and apply the gain/loss to exchange rates.



I post an AP Invoice for CZK 20,000 in June with an exchange rate of 1 USD = 20 CZK.

The GL Records the transaction using the above rate as defined in the Rates table.

Two months later I post an outgoing payment. I paid the vendor in USD. The rate defined in SAP is 1 USD = 19 CZK.

The vendor, however, uses a rate of 18.90 CZK per USD, therefore, I need to send USD 1058.20 (CZK 20,000 / 18.90)*18.9

How do I post this transaction? I need to somehow specify that the exchange rate for the payment is different than the exchange rate that is listed in the rates table. If I enter a USD payment of 1058.20 then SAP calculates the CZK 19, not the actual one exchange rate. If I specify payment in CZK then the USD calculation is incorrect.

I should have a exchange rate loss of USD 58.20 through the transfer. I will also need to post the exchange rate loss between the ap invoice rate and the payment rate. For the second part I found that I can do this through Financials > Exchange rate differences.

What am I doing wrong?