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Oct 26, 2007 at 05:33 PM

Picture import into Data Groups


Dear MDM Experts,

when we hold all of our catalog pictures in one network directory, the name of all pictures is the is the ID of the relevant item.

When we get new pictures, copy them into the directory. Some pictures are total new, and some are the changed versions of earlier pictures, these will be overwritten by the new picture files.

The problem is, when I would like to add the pictures to the Data Group. Reimport is ok, I know this function and use it, but there are also new pictures in the directory, that can't be reimported. So I must add them to the Data Group. I wouldn't like to select the 500 new pictures from the 10000 old by hand, is there any othere solution? If I add all the pictures to the Data Group, the pictures that were in the Data Group earlier, would be duplicated. Can I set somewhere, that by function "Add to Data Group" the pictures with the same title overwrite the pictures in the Data Group? I haven't found this.

Thanks and regards,