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Oct 26, 2007 at 04:01 PM

Problem with standard screen display in SD


Hi everyone,

I'm facing a problem with SD documents. Whenever a user wants to create or modify any SD document and this document is not complete (i.e. some information is missing), a popup appears on the screen and asks user if he wants to complete the document before saving. If he agrees, a screen listing all missing information is displayed. then he can select one of the anomaly and click the "data completion" button which is supposed to display the screen where the missing information lies.

My problem is : 1st time user clicks on this button, the following screen is not displayed. I mean there is a change of screen and document header is displayed but below this we should find a tabstrip including a table control but this part of the screen doesn't appear.

If the user does these actions again without exiting from transaction, everything works fine then. If he exits from the transaction and do it again, the problem reappears.

I searched SAP Notes but did not find anything on the subject. Maybe I missed something.

If someone has an idea, any help will be appreciated.




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