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Sep 26, 2017 at 10:41 AM

ODP Extractor issue - Missing fields when importing into Data services


Hi guys,

I'm importing some extractors into data services but I'm facing a big issue, which is only certain fields are imported. For example, using 0ASSET_TEXT.

This is the extract structure in ECC:

The datasource has been enabled in table ROOSATTR, and table ROOSFIELD looks like this:

When I import it from data services designer, this is what I get:

So, key1, key2 and key3, which in this case are chart to accounts, asset number, etc, are simply missing.

Any ideas?



img1.png (14.9 kB)
img2.png (12.4 kB)
img3.png (59.2 kB)
img4.png (32.6 kB)