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Sep 25, 2017 at 08:15 PM

SAP JAM - HTTP400 error: cannot create Jam group. Contact the SAP Jam administrator



I have this fault when I want to create a group at SAP JAM:

“HTTP400 error: cannot create Jam group. Contact the SAP Jam administrator”

Moreover, I added a memberlist (it is an employee) at SAP JAM Collaboration but this member can’t see anything at feed.

This should be a connection error but in this case the integration is well done. As the integration guide says:

As you can see at my feed work center (administrator user):

If this user is not the administrator who matches the user ID at SAP JAM and C4C I can’t see this feed.

Further more information:

  • User ID and e-mail are the same at administrator user at SAP JAM and C4C

User ID: P000000

  • Oauth Client at SAP JAM:

  • Oauth Client Credentials at SAP C4C:

(company ID is not required, as the guide says)

  • SAML Trusted Identity Provider at SAP JAM:

What do you think it is happening?



x3bmw.png (64.7 kB)
jsjl6.png (40.8 kB)
f3mev.jpeg (25.1 kB)
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hcfcg.jpeg (21.3 kB)
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