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CW material opportunistic cross docking

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with CW related opportunistic cross dock operation.

This is the process flow in general;

1. Receipt of material: An RF user creates HU's depending on inbound delivery and sets valuation measurement to 'A'(The material is only valuated at goods receipt). Then the warehouse clerk posts goods receipt with the "Goods Receipt" button at /SCWM/PRDI transaction to make these goods available for crossdock(they are still at good receipt zone, packed, no putaway).

2. Picking of material: The warehouse clerk creates pick WT's and assign these to an RF user. RF user confirms pick WT's accordingly.

The problem starts after confirmation of first pick WT. This confirmation sets the inbound delivery to blocked status with a message:

The quantity of role "Valuation Quantity Assignment" is greater than the delivery quantity"


This message pops up on every RF user who gets a pick WT related to this inbound delivery. As this is an error message, the user cannot continue on picking.

I went deep into this issue and realized, it is being caused by the confirmation of pick WT's which updates both outbound and inbound delivery. This inbound delivery update is duplication of the first update(remember goods receipt already posted). By the way, this process works just fine for non-CW materials.

Any of you guys have experienced any issue like this? I searched OSS, could not find anything.

Best regards


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