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WEBI not recognising BW variable which is set to not ready for input

Sep 25, 2017 at 01:26 PM


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Hello, I am sure this is a known issue, but I am very new to WEBI and thought I would just ask this question before I start reinventing the wheel.

I have a BW query with a customer exit variable which is set to be not ready for input - when the user runs the query the variable retrieves their user name and filters the results of the query accordingly - the user is only allowed to see their own data. The query works fine on its own or in applications built using the Web Application Designer. But, when I build a WEBI report on top of it, the variable is being ignored, bringing all users' data in. Are there any known solutions to this issue?

Note, I do not want my user to be asked any prompts when they run the report, so for that reason I can't have a ready for input variable. I have tried bringing all data into WEBI and filter using a WEBI variable, but this is not feasible as retrieving data for all the users takes a very long time, even with query data cached.

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2 Answers

Agata L. Sep 25, 2017 at 02:38 PM

Let me just add that I am using this variable in the Default filters area of the BW query - wonder if that might be the reason why it's being ignored by WEBI, as, if I understand correctly, when variables are used like this, the BW query retrieves all data first and then applies a filter.

To test this theory, I used another query where my variable is not sitting in the Defaults filters area, but rather in one of the key figures within a structure. It seems that WEBI might be reading it correctly when it loads query components into the Query panel - I suspect that because a text variable used in that key figure's description is correctly populated so the key figure must have been correctly filtered. However, when I try to refresh the query in the Query panel, I am getting the following error:

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Interesting, I managed to run another query which uses this type of variable within key figures in the structure and it ran fine, bringing in all the correct data for just one user, so I guess the above error is just a coincidence, but overall it does seem to work.

I have to conclude that it does not run when the variable is added to characteristic filter in the Default Values panel - it's a shame as this is the only place where it has to sit if cache is to be used. For so many users running the same query it is quite important.


I have managed to establish that my queries fail in WEBI and I am getting the above error if they contain two structures (one in rows and one in columns). I am not sure if this issue is at all related to whether or not the customer exit variable is used, or if in general WEBI does not support two structures.

But, I guess, for now, in order for my customer exit variable to work, it can't be in the Defaults Values section, and two structures cannot be used either.


Any reason why your exit is in the default values instead of characteristic restrictions? I believe the latter may be the requirement

Frédéric Cincet Sep 25, 2017 at 01:44 PM

Hi Agata,

Can you confirm you're using the SSO authentication mode at the connection level ?



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Yes, I am.