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Former Member
Sep 25, 2017 at 01:26 PM

WEBI not recognising BW variable which is set to not ready for input


Hello, I am sure this is a known issue, but I am very new to WEBI and thought I would just ask this question before I start reinventing the wheel.

I have a BW query with a customer exit variable which is set to be not ready for input - when the user runs the query the variable retrieves their user name and filters the results of the query accordingly - the user is only allowed to see their own data. The query works fine on its own or in applications built using the Web Application Designer. But, when I build a WEBI report on top of it, the variable is being ignored, bringing all users' data in. Are there any known solutions to this issue?

Note, I do not want my user to be asked any prompts when they run the report, so for that reason I can't have a ready for input variable. I have tried bringing all data into WEBI and filter using a WEBI variable, but this is not feasible as retrieving data for all the users takes a very long time, even with query data cached.