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Sep 25, 2017 at 12:08 PM

SAP Vora Distributed Log Services does not start



I have a single node hadoop with below configurations.

RAM size: 32 gb / Disk size :40 gb / OS: Suse12

Ambari version : / HDP version: 2.5 / Spark version:1.6.3 / Sap Vora version:1.4

In Ambari main dashboard everything look looks nice.

But some Vora services not start like Distributed Log service. Also not produce any log in folder /var/log/vora/vora-dlog.

When looked Vora Catalog log file it gives error about Dlog service like below

"Discovery Service connector failed with ERROR_INVALID_ARG: No dlog servers registered. Will retry until timeout.|v2catalog_server|Distributed Log"

How can I solve Dlog service starting problem ?