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Former Member
Oct 26, 2007 at 05:02 AM

Two different wages types for the same employee group?


Hi all,

We are merging 2 companies together and both have different ways of paying the employee group "non-exempt". One company pays them salaried. One company pays them hourly. We already have set the hourly wage type as the default wage type model for the non-exempt employee group. Can we create an additional wage type and set up 2 different wage type models (1 salary and 1 hourly-direct entry) for the same employee group in the LGMST feature? Which will the system validate as the default when the IT0008 record is created?

We tried to get around this by changing the wage type directly in the IT0008 record, but it does not calculate ANSAL correctly. We also got an error that the new wage type was not permitted for that EE subgroup grouping. Should we change the way ANSAL is valuated?

Or is it best to create another employee group? In that case, which nodes in HR do we have to update?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,