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Oct 25, 2007 at 02:56 PM

SNP Heuristic - Capacity View


I am using standard SNP heuristic planning book. On capacity view, we can see the resource consumption and Demand quantity of products that are loading these resources.

Requirement is to see the Resource consumption by Product (not demand quantity).

For example, Product A demand 100 units, needs resource X - 0.5 per unit

Product B demand 300 units, needs resource X - 0.25 per unit

In resource view, we can see total resource consumption of 125. We can also see Product A demand 100 and Product B demand 300.

But requirement is to see total consumption of 125 and drill down to see Product A consuming 50 and Product B consuming 75.

Any ideas? (We can do a complex compute using the PPM information in the resource drill down. Is there a better option?)