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ALE: Measurement unit UN has no ISO code - Transfer Material BOM

Hi Guys, I'm a consultant basis, but I've been learning ALE to transfer master data of materials, accounts, materials.

A customer asked me to transfer the Master Materials and Material BOM from production to quality, and configured the following steps:

1.- BD64: Model of the ALE system
2.- Create RFC connections
3.- Create Profiles WE20 / WE21 with your message types: MATMAS (MATMAS01) and BOMMAT (BOMMAT03).

The Material Master Data was correctly passed through transaction BD10. But when I try to pass the BOM Material through transaction BD30 it shows me the following error: "Measurement unit UN has no ISO code" (see image).

I am not sure that you have correctly configured the ALE for the BOM Material.

My knowledge is not extensive in ALE, I would like to know that I am missing out on configuring.

I do not have support from a functional MM.

Some of you can guide me?



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    Sep 22, 2017 at 08:13 PM

    is the error message wrong or right? Had you already checked your unit UN in transaction CUNI whether it has an IsoCode assigned?

    Unfortunately not all ALE objects work equally, some are picky while others are more relaxed with the units.

    In general is the IsoCode for units what the language English is for us humans.

    If you speak Spanish and I German then we do not understand each other, so we speak english

    If you exchange data between 2 system then you use IsoCodes instead of the unit of measure, since you can't be sure that the other system understands for unit UN the same as you do in your system. So the system translates your unit into the normalized IsoCode, and the receiving system translates it back from IsoCode to the unit to which this IsoCode is assigned and marked as primary in the receiving system.

    While the material master ALE switches over to the internal unit if it fails finding an IsoCode for the unit in T006 table, other ALE objects just fail entirely and give you an error message and you can't proceed

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