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Sep 22, 2017 at 07:04 PM

ALE: Measurement unit UN has no ISO code - Transfer Material BOM


Hi Guys, I'm a consultant basis, but I've been learning ALE to transfer master data of materials, accounts, materials.

A customer asked me to transfer the Master Materials and Material BOM from production to quality, and configured the following steps:

1.- BD64: Model of the ALE system
2.- Create RFC connections
3.- Create Profiles WE20 / WE21 with your message types: MATMAS (MATMAS01) and BOMMAT (BOMMAT03).

The Material Master Data was correctly passed through transaction BD10. But when I try to pass the BOM Material through transaction BD30 it shows me the following error: "Measurement unit UN has no ISO code" (see image).

I am not sure that you have correctly configured the ALE for the BOM Material.

My knowledge is not extensive in ALE, I would like to know that I am missing out on configuring.

I do not have support from a functional MM.

Some of you can guide me?