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How can Non SAP user send information to SAP ?

Sep 22, 2017 at 06:59 PM


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I have a requirement where client wants their employee’s to complete some kind of Medical Form once a year and store the response in SAP, Current this process is manual, where employees complete the form and submit to help desk vial email or fax. Help desk log the documents in SAP. Being a big organization this manual process is very tedious; therefore, Client has decided to automate this process result is saving lot of paper, effort and time.

Issue here is all the employees in the organization don't have the access to SAP systems.

  • 1.If the Medical form developed as a web form and deployed in FIORI as a APP. create a hyperlink or shortcut for the app on the intranet, Is it possible for the users without having access to SAP they can open and submit the form ?
  • 2.Can we suppress the Login credential; pass the credentials in background without knowing the users?
  • 3.Any other suggestions

Any Direction would be a great help.


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1 Answer

Cristiano Hansen
Mar 17 at 10:15 PM

Hello Bector,

How people from help desk log the documents in SAP?
I would assume some sort of authentication.

You probably would have to develop a web service that would allow the submission of a medical form.

Maybe this is more related to security rather than to WEBGUI (as WEBGUI required authentication).


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