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NWA Availability ICM Status is Gray

Hello guys,

I am facing below issue after migrating PI system to AWS.

What could be the issue? can you please help me with this.



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3 Answers

  • Sep 24, 2017 at 08:10 AM

    If I were you I would not have relied on this data. This feature is obsolete and on the verge of being removed. (yet, it is not clear when) Only the fact, you got to this web page, means that the AS Java is up and running.


    Yet, to be on the safe side, you might cross check the AS Java instances. Please open the SAP MMC or cross check with sapcontrol command the AS JAVA processes.

    When O.S. is Windows you might see all the necessary data by following the note:

    1847251 - How to create an MMC snapshot about an SAP system

    When O.S. is more elaborate (f.e. UNIX, AIX etc.) you need to use the sapcontrol . There is very useful blog about this topic:

    Useful sapcontrol command to check Status of Application server


    With the output display of these 2 commands:

    netstat -ano


    you might match the process name >>> PID >>> IP:port

    This information is important to cross check which port is open and what service is listening to this port.

    The very important default ports are:

    for communication HTTP (HTTPS): 5xx00 (443)

    for deployment - P4 protocol 5xx04, 5xx06

    TELNET: 5xx08

    sapstartserv: 5xx13, 5xx14

    These are the default values. (xx is the number of the AS Java instance) In case there are changes in these settings, you need to observe the configuration in the instance profile of the AS Java. The path of AS Java profile folder is: \usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\profile


    In case of suspicion of performance issue, the best way is to be triggered some thread dumps and to have a look on the sapjvm profile (which process is consuming the most of CPU resources)

    1995883 - Analyzing slow AS-JAVA startup using the SAPJVM profiler

    1783031 - Analyzing AS Java performance with SAP JVM Profiler

    710154 How to create a thread dump for the J2EE Engine 6.40/7.0 - BC-JAS

    For 7.1+, more directions about collecting thread dumps on:


    Last but not least, you might have a look on the GC history, to check whether there are any problems with the utilization of the HEAP memory. More directions in:

    1995856 - How to retrieve the complete GC history

    You might analyse this GC history profile in the NWDS.

    In summary, I strongly believe there is no problem (with regards to the performance) on this system at all. I have seen exactly this screen many times without any problem on the AS Java. Using the above mentioned sources of information is much better approach.

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    Oct 13, 2017 at 05:53 AM

    Dear Milen,

    Thank you so much for reply.

    Very useful information you shared but as per my customer this functionality should be running as per compliance so I have raise this to SAP. I will share the solution here.

    Best regards,


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  • Oct 20, 2017 at 10:20 AM

    Dear Moreshwar,

    If this information is indeed so important (despite it is inaccurate), then it has to be checked why the NWA might not access the web methods of the SAPSTARTSERV service. This is the root cause of the event you do observe in the "System Overview" application. More background information about the problematic scenario you might find in this document: SAP Start Service

    1. You might try to set this parameter in the DEFAULT.PFL as follows:

    - service/protectedwebmethods = DEFAULT

    Please do set this parameter with capital letters (exactly as I have typed it above), because the parameter's value is case sensitive.

    Please restart the AS Java in order this change to take effect.

    Please open again the System Overview.

    2. In case you do still observe the very same screen, after your have changed the DEFAULT.PFL and have restarted the AS Java instance, then most probably the root cause is in some proxy (or network device's) configuration in your system landscape which prevents from the NWA to connect to the necessary web methods of sapstartserv. The stricter "security-protected" policy of the web methods have been set to less stricter DEFAULT, which means this monitor should work. Please cross check the AS Java engine's system properties as well the proxies having set in the network and on the server where the AS Java runs.

    3. For better tracing and troubleshooting, you might record this System Overview impediment in a TSHW trace in...

    3.1. Authentication and General Security templates;

    3.2. customly created incident for locations:

    For this custom TSHW trace, you need to create a separate incident (next to the existing templates) and add the above mentioned locations. Then please start recording and in a separate session, please start NWA and navigate to System Overview. When this gray status indicators are displayed, please stop the recording. In case you do need more guidance about the usage of tshw please refer to these SAP notes

    1332726 - Troubleshooting Wizard

    1921472 - How to use the Troubleshooting Wizard for collecting traces using custom locations [VIDEO]

    The TSHW traces should point out to errors in the web service call - authentication errors or to errors related to redirecting to hosts:port which should not be in the scenario.


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