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Oct 25, 2007 at 09:45 AM

SDN forum thoughts


Since the start of the SDN forum i'm a big fan of it, and i'm browsing daily through the topics of the ABAP Development subforum to ask questions or to help other people with their problems. It's a huge source of information about SAP and ABAP for both beginners and experts.

Lately there are a lot of 'disturbances' in the forum. All these disturbances are discussed in the Rules of engagement topic, but probably most people will not read this topic. So i stated the most irritating problems here :

Subject titles that are not descriptive and not clear. They should describe the question in the topic. The examples i've seen are : hi, please help, urgent etc. So please give it a good title, and probably more people will read the posting.

The most annoying and irritating thing that happens lately, is the fact that a lot of people don't use the great search functionality but create a new posting over and over again. For example : if you look for the topic BAPI, you will find a lot of postings with the same questions (what is a bapi ?) and probably the same answers. So please use the search functionality first, and if you don't find anything useful, you can create a new posting anyway.

Sorry for opening a new thread for this post anyway 😉

The reward points system is a good way to motivate people to help other people. With a lot of reward points you will get some appreciation and t-shirts 😉

But ! There are also some negative aspects to this system. You see more and more phrases like 'Please reward if useful', so it looks like people only give answers for points, and don't read the others answers that often contain the correct answer. If i should open a new topic with the question 'In which table can i find the materials ?', i would probably get 10 or 20 answers with the same answer MARA/MARC/etc. en the signature 'please reward if useful'.

On the other side i have answered a lot of questions correctly, but i haven't received any points for that. So maybe the rewarding system should be extended with a feature that you first have to give points for your previous question or explicitely tell you won't give points (because no satisfying answer has been given), before you can start a new topic.

So, share the knowledge, and please keep the forums clean 😉