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ME5A - fill a new Z field

Hello dear Gurus!

Basing on this thread:

I wish to fill my new Z field inside ME5A.

I can see my new Z field in the report, but it's not in IT_EBAN[] @ rm06ba00

and not in CI_EBANDB.

When I F1 the field, I can see that it's in MEREP_OUTTAB_EBAN.

I've found that CI_EBANMEM has my field, and MEREP_OUTTAB_EBAN has CI_EBANMEM.

I can't append my field into CI_EBANDB like @NewB To Abap has suggested in the thread mentioned above, because there are some tables that have both CI_EBANMEM and CI_EBNANDB, so it can't be done this way.

My end result is to fill ME5A with data from another Z table.

in my Z table I have BANFN (Purchase requisition number) and status (my new Z field)

it should be just a simple inner join of tables.

I feel that what I'm missing is very basic and should be right in-front of me, but I just can't understand what am I supposed to do.

Thanks in advance,

Gaist Or

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2 Answers

  • Sep 25, 2017 at 03:29 AM

    As you said.

    When I F1 the field, I can see that it's in MEREP_OUTTAB_EBAN.

    This is correct.

    Now your task is you need to find the place, modify the final internal table it_eban, Nothing but enhancement point.
    Before showing the result, you need to modify the zfield.
    Hope you understood.

    for me i have found enhancement point in the program :: SAPDBBAM

    then modify the table it_eban.

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    • Dear Mr Charan,

      I've think I've found the enhancement point you are talking about in SAPDBBAM

      FROM pbo.
      enhancement-point sapdbbam_02 spots es_sapdbbam.
      enhancement  2 DIMP_GENERAL_SAPDBDAM.
      *my code

      but my problem is that when I use BP to check it, it will only run this part of the code BEFOR the selection screen initialization.

      I've tried to look all over SAPDBBAM in debugging mode, and I could not find a place to enter my portion of the code after the selection screen and before the ALV output.

      I've also tried to implement BAdI ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS at FM06BFSL but at this point my scope only include IT_EBAN and not the OUTTAB (Type MEREP_OUTTTAB_EBAN), and IT_EBAN doesn't have my Z-field

      I thought that it might be a good place to look at SAPLMEREP/LMEREPI08 because this is my first encounter with the OUTTTAB initialization but I couldn't find an enhancement point over here, or any place after that.

      Any Ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated,

      Gaist Or

  • Sep 25, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    Did you try with BAdI ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS (if active in your system, part of business function LOG_MMFI_P2P.)

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    • Yes, but I can't find the right place to use this BAdi,

      When I use it, I can insert my own data into the OUTTAB of the BAdi, but after that, I can't connect this OUTTAB with the ALV.

      Do you know a place to intervene that would enable me to append the BAdi output into the ALV OUTTAB?

      Thanks in advance,

      Gaist Or