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Oct 25, 2007 at 07:35 AM

Problems with installation - upgrade to Patch 2


Hi all,

I have tried to upgrade the MDM server 5.5 Patch 1 to Patch 2 (Ver. but I had some issues which I will mention now.

I performed the upgrade in the following way:

My initial instalaltion was in /opt/MDM/bin (Linux: MDM_HOME) and in parallel I had created 3 execution directories as described in the Installation Guide:




where I had located the files :




So each time I wanted to launch the server I was using 3 sessions and I was running (SUSE Linux):

./mds-r &

./mdis-r &

./mdss-r &

Now, in order to upgrade I backed up the dir /opt/MDM . Then I uploaded the .bz2 files for each server under /opt and I "tar xjvf <file_name> " them.

The untar created the folders:





and under bin you could find all the mds/mds-r, mdis/mdis-r, mdss/mdss-r files.

I then copied these files under the ~mdm/mdm/mds ../mdis. ../mdss execution folders and I launched the servers.

In the meantime I had installed the relevant new versions of the GUIs MDM Console, Import Manager, Data Manager.

First symptom was that whenever I was opening the console, mounting the server and then connecting and loading the repository I had 100% CPU on my PC due to the console.

The mds-r & process was terminated with message "segmentation fault".

I got this message for 2-3 times and then it stopped. I have 2 repositories , the first one could connect and load it immediately. the second on was stuck and cause 100% CPU for my console.

Import manager Console was launched (with the new version of the GUI) and it was also stuck, was saying that repository(ies) are not loaded although I had loaded at least the 1 of the 2.

At the end I decided to roll back to previous ver. Patch1.

Now everything looks ok apart from the Console which does not work properly due to Patch1 as you have mentioned above.

Your help is needed desperately.