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Webi Query filter vs Bex filter when using BICS - any documentation on how this works?

Sep 22, 2017 at 04:10 PM


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There is a lot of documentation out there - most of it several years old - which talks about using Query filters in Webi reports against using filters in Bex Queries. Some says to always filter in the Bex query as otherwise too much data will be returned to the Webi report for further filtering, some comments say there is no difference, and one comment stated that some care is needed if the Bex query contains exit variables.

Can anyone explain under what circumstances it is safe to use query filters in the Webi report? I have personally seen that it works well in some cases, but does this mean that it will work all the time?

Thanks for your feedback.


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1 Answer

Sep 22, 2017 at 04:22 PM

even i did not found any documentation from SAP where it's clearly mention when to use filters in BEx or webi.I feel in both the cases report performance is same if you applied at Bex or webi query filter.

Some cases are when to apply filters in Bex vs Webi as:

Webi Query level filters:it gives you the flexibility to use one BEx query for multiple webi reports as filters will be part of individual webi reports.

BEx query filters: Incase of your reporting requirement is to get YTD/QTD etc data based on the system date then you have to apply customer exits at BEx query level.

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Thanks Amit. Sorry that I only just saw your answer.

My puzzlement is that some SAP documentation clearly states that filters applied in Webi are not applied when selecting source data, however this definitely appears frequently not to be the case and the number of records returned to WebI clearly shows that the source data has been filtered. Response times also suggest that data has been filtered.

My question is really, do we know under what circumstances source data won't be filtered and WebI will be left to do the job? I need to know this as users need clear best practises and we need to avoid situations where they create extremely inefficient reports.


in other way if you are going to apply filters at BEx query level then you will end up creating so many queries( One query for one webi report/query).It will be difficult for you to maintain all these BEx queries in future and if some one don't know the BEx then for BO Adhoc reporting always dependant on the BW developer for BEx queries.

if you will create one or two generic query and use filters at webi level then dependency will be less on creating new queries in BW.It will be easy for you to maintain less queries.Same queries you can use multiple times in Webi.

In some cases if performance is bad then you can think to apply filters at BEx only.

in above both the cases , best practice document is depend on what is the usage of Adhoc reports on day to day you have sufficient developers who can create BEx queries? is really performance bad if you apply filters at webi level?