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Sep 22, 2017 at 10:33 AM

Does the SAP installation stop if putty gets disconnected?


Hi All,

As part of requirement trying to install SAP ECC6.0 in Linux(SLES 11.4) VM on Azure. Started the installation using PUTTy and X11 server with port forwarding for display of the installation GUI. Installation started off well and had reached the task progress phase. Because of the network issue lost the connection to the Putty and X11 server. When we logged in again to the Putty and got the display back, could not find the GUI of SAP. Not sure whether the installtion is running in background..or the installation stopped after the putty got disconnected. How to get back the GUI of installation back?.Is there any way to check if the installation is running in background?.

If the installation is to be restarted again are there any options/commands available to run the installation in background even if Putty gets disconnected. Also are there any options to be selected on Putty to keep session alive even if connection breaks because of network issues?.

Thanking in advance,