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Java associated with APS not stopping

Sep 22, 2017 at 10:28 AM


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Hi All,

We are facing a strange issue with our BI server. We have done the splitting of the APS in BI4.1 server which has 16 GB of RAM and enough free space in the HDD.

The Java.exe associated with the below given 2 APS are taking most of the time to get terminated(more than half an hour each). The services are stoping in 2/3 minutes.

  • APS with LCM Services : These handle promotion management and version control

    • Promotion(Life Cycle) Management Clear Cache Service
    • Promotion(Life Cycle) Management Service
    • Visual Difference Service
    • Tracelog (Included by default)

    APS with Others services

    • Adaptive Concavity Service
    • Custom Data Access Service
    • Excel Data Access Service
    • Client Auditing Proxy Service
    • Monitoring Service
    • Security Token Service
    • Translation Service
    • Insight to Action Service
    • Data Federation Service
    • Tracelog (Included by default)

Have you ever seen this kind of behavior ?

Appreciate any input.



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1 Answer

Denis Konovalov
Sep 22, 2017 at 11:36 AM

How many total APS servers do you have and how much Xmx each of them have ?
Note: 16GB is below minimum required for BI4 systems. This server will be extremely slow.
APS is java, so when it takes time to stop it does one of 2 things (or both) - tries to finish whatever jobs it is running and/or fix the memory stuff (garbage collection etc).

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Former Member

Hi Denis,

Previously we had only 1 APS hosting all the services. Then we have done the splitting of the services and created 7 APS with Xmx 2 GB .

We have followed the instruction given in the below link


7 APS with Xmx2gb each is 14GB and if your server is 16gb, you have 2gb for the OS, all the other BOE services and all the other programs and services that run on that machine. This will create contention and memory grabbing competition plus lots of swapping to disk.
As I said - this box will be extremely slow and what you see with Java will be expected.

Here is the sizing materials that will help you :

16gb is not enough. you need minimum of 32gb RAM to have an operational BI4 system.
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Hi Denise,

Yes, I have suggested the infra team about it. Presently we have upgraded the system to SP09 and we have stopped all the 7 APS and running only 1 APS that we previously had. But still the issue is there that after stopping the APS, the related java.exe is not getting terminated.


And as I said previously - it is normal for your system. Please go thru the sizing guide I have provided and you'll understand why.

Can you monitor the server RAM/CPU usage when the system is running? Is it high in resources or normal? Create a new APS manually and stop the other one which is taking time to stop and check the behavior.
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Hi Jawahar,

We have not found out any abnormality on RAM/CPU usage. Also we have created a new APS with all the services, but it also has the same issue. We have collected the dump (attached) collected from JVMMON, but failed to get any particular error.