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Returning table structure from Web Service...


I have a web service which retrieves data from a database table. I want to use this web service from my Visual Composer to display the data on the screen.

I want to know how to return the table structure from my web service. Currently i am returning a string array (only one row of data) from my web service and displaying it in the VC. But i want to include the names of the columns as well.

I tried using 2D String[] and HashMap, both didn't work for me.

Any ideas?



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2 Answers

  • Oct 30, 2007 at 02:45 PM


    I am not to familiar with java, but I suppose you have to return an array of objects.

    Jarrod Williams

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    Oct 30, 2007 at 04:17 PM

    Hi Venkat,

    I recommend to pass the headers in seperat variables and the data table in a array.

    I did something similar, without the header, because they are fixed in my scenario.

    This webservice returns a list of all Portal Roles:

    	public roleModel[] getRoles() throws Exception{
    			// Array List as return value
    			ArrayList RoleList = new ArrayList();
    			// Try Block reading portal roles
    			try {
    				IRoleFactory rfact = UMFactory.getRoleFactory();
    				// Filter for PortalRoles
    				IRoleSearchFilter roleFilter = rfact.getRoleSearchFilter();
    				// Search for *
    				roleFilter.setUniqueName("*", ISearchAttribute.EQUALS_OPERATOR, false);
    				// Search all Roles
    				ISearchResult resultList = rfact.searchRoles(roleFilter);
    				// return the result list
    				if (resultList.getState() == ISearchResult.SEARCH_RESULT_OK) {
    					while (resultList.hasNext()) {
    						// read roleUid 
    						String roleUid = (String);
    						// create roleObject for roleUid
    						IRole roleObject =	rfact.getRole(roleUid);
    						//  instantiate new role for  ArrayList
    						roleModel rolle = new roleModel();
    						// read DisplayName and UniqeID 
    						// add object to ArrayList
    				// create new array from data type model roleModel (class)
    				// in the correspoding size
    				roleModel[] returnList = new roleModel[RoleList.size()];
    				// write ArrayList back to array
    				// return all portal roles
    				return returnList;
    			// exception handling
    			} catch (Exception e) {
    				throw new Exception(e);

    Hope that helps!

    Best Regards,


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