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Sep 21, 2017 at 02:50 PM

Non functional In statement


Hi Gurus,

I would like to ask you for little help.

I want to mark the row , where is "Konso" in "Product" column and "Réalisé" in "state of request" column.

But I need variable, which give me that mark, when is "Cloturé" in "state of contract" column in any row (If there is no "Cloturé", then no mark)

All is in the "Client number" column (same value).

If I tried create "POKUS" column

=If([state of contract]="Clôturé" In([number of contract])) Then "1" Else "0"

and "POKUS2"column

=If ([state of request]="Réalisé" And [Product]="Konso" ForEach ([number of request])) Then "I" Else"O"


=If([POKUS]="1" In([Client number])) And [POKUS2]="I" Then "Yes" Else "No"

But this variables don't working

I also tried something like this:

If (([state of contract] InList("Clôturé") ForEach(number of contract)) And ([state of request]="Réalisé" And [Product]="Konsolidace" ForEach ([number of request])) In([Client number])) Then "Yes" Else "No"

(I need mark row with conditions and when is there "Clôturé" in table.)


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