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Sep 21, 2017 at 02:21 PM

Profile Change status no longer updating from New/Old in EH8



has anyone else noticed from Enhancement pack 7 to EH8 that when you update a Tcode to a Menu and then generate a role that when you "inactivate" an authorization object that may have been added but not needed that it no longer informs you that the role is back to it's original state or "Old"?

This was very helpful in ensuring whether I really needed to have a user validate a change especially in an update if there was an actual change as well as me being able to visually see if which objects were really "New" if I had a number of changes that got brought in.

Is this just a bug (or in SAP speak a new "enhancement) with EH8 or is there a system change I need to make now to have it perform as it used to?

I don't really want to open up a Support message with SAP if this is just an easy fix, and searching a couple of different ways, I am not able to word the search properly to see if anyone else ran into this or if there was a note implemented for this.


eh8-profile1.jpg (125.9 kB)
eh8-profile2.jpg (117.3 kB)