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Oct 24, 2007 at 09:55 AM

Multiple Companies in Webtools


Hi All

I am currently implementing Webtools into a site that runs multiple business in the one SAP B1 database. There are two main businesses that operate in different currencies. One operates in AUD and the other operates in NZD. Each division has its' own default price list in it's relevant currency.

We are looking to setup two websites. One for AUD and one for NZD.

Is there a way that I can setup webtools to cater for this scenario?

I thought of have multiple themes to handle this. However, the issue is that when B2C orders sync across to B1, they will sync to the default customer using the default currency. If AUD is setup as the default, any B2C orders made in the NZD theme would come across as AUD and not allocate to the correct division in B1. There are also issues with pricing as there is one default price list setup in the sync manager.

I also thought of setting up two instances of Webtools that sync to the one SAP B1 database. This would allow the default currency to be set to NZD and default price list and B2C customer to be different from the AUD instance. I am not sure how the sync manager will handle this. and if it will cause other issues.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated