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Oct 24, 2007 at 09:24 AM

Tricky! Change of navi-attribute values in ABAP and use in selections


Hi gurus,

now I have a teaser that really keeps me busy, and which might be interesting for some of you:

we use several statuses in our <u>Demand Planning in SCM 5.0</u>, some of which can be switched by using a user-function macro which just basically is a ABAP function module that <u>changes navigation attribute values directly on the database</u>, meaning in the master data tables of the respective characteristic.

Now, the code works, the values are changed accordingly, leaving the data set in object status "active" - <b>BUT</b>:

<i>when we call a selection, it still shows the old values, even after activating master data or running the attribute change run!</i>

This is not what we expected. Our wish was, that once the table was updated with the correct field values, we would also see them in our selections.


we have two statuses as navi-attributes to an article:

<i>DP:</i> YES/NO, and

<i>oDP:</i> YES/NO

Combinations originally are: <i>DP</i> YES/<i>oDP</i> NO

After the status change macro, the table shows the following, as expected:

<i>DP</i> NO/<i>oDP</i> YES

As we have two selections, one on DP status "YES", the other one on oDP status "YES", we would like to see the article vanish in the first selection and show up in the other one...

Does anybody have an idea what is wrong and what we can do to have to proper navi-attribute values from the master data table in the selection? Does the selection not read from the database but from a buffer?

Looking forward to your answers,