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Why Delivery Order and AR Invoice can be added without quantity

SAP 9.1 (SQL).

Documents like Sales Order, Sales Return, AR Credit Memo doesn't allow zero quantity, if you enter zero quantity, system will prompt 'In "Quantity" column, enter whole number greater than 0'.

Why it is that Delivery Order and AR Invoice can be added with zero quantity then? What is the logic that SAP allows this?

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1 Answer

  • Sep 22, 2017 at 08:28 AM


    The Sales Order is a declaration of intent. You use it to register what items or services you mean to deliver to your customer, but technically speaking you cannot know whether you will be able to fulfill your "promise". Generally speaking you would not (need to) enter that you mean to deliver zero pieces of an item. Even if it is a service, you would input into the system that you are providing this one or more times.

    A Delivery Note and an Invoice are declarations of accomplishment, and in many cases customers appreciate that you let them know what happened to all items that were ordered, whether that be a full, a partial or a zero delivery. You may have noticed that delivering less pieces than ordered, leaves the corresponding line in the Sales Order open for future completion.

    The Sales Return and Credit Memo are correctional transactions. They are used to correct mistakes. For example: you created a Delivery Note that states that you delivered 10 pieces, but one of the pieces was damaged during packing. You would create a Sales Return for 1 piece, because you will be delivering only 9 pieces to the customer. The invoice will then reflect that you have delivered only 9 pieces. If on the other hand for example you created a delivery for 10 pieces, but accidentally only put 9 pieces in the box, the mistake may be noticed by the customer, in which case you would create a Credit Memo, giving the customer back money for 1 piece. Either way, you would not return zero pieces to your warehouse, nor would you give the customer money back for zero pieces.



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