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Former Member
Oct 23, 2007 at 04:28 PM

dispersing a value in IP


Hi Friends,

I need to form a planning function.

Its function :

1. user enters a plan value at total level and this is to be distributed from the totals level into more granular level. The distribution is to be based on a set of reference data.

For example :

reference data at grain level :

char1 -

char2---- kf


A111 ABC 10

A111 DEF 20

A111 CDE 30

plan data entered at totals level to be dispersed to grain level:

char1 -



A111 70

Also, when the plan data entered is changed to another value, how should this be handled to achieve the same where the newly entered value should overwrite the last entered and distributed data? Just distribute the delta or delete the old and then apply the new plan value?

What is the recommended method : planning function (if so what function to use) or FOX?

best regards