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Sep 21, 2017 at 06:48 PM

Execute OS command - SFTP


Dear All,

I have a scenario where sender is FILE adapter and receiver is SFTP adapter. In normal condition all connection are OK BUT there is a peculiar requirement related to SFTP.

Once connection to SFTP server is established, we need to execute few SFTP commands on SFTP server before we process files. Given a example below,

sftp> get /command/standard=NONE

sftp> get /command/parm=SA= 'test1';RA= 'Test2'

Once these commands are successful, files can be transferred using PUT command.

I have seen the option of specifying OS command at communication channel level BUT this are the commands we can execute on PI server and not on SFTP server.

Can anyone guide me on possible solution ?


Sunil Joyous