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CUAN_Interaction_Contact enhancement with Custom Query

Sep 21, 2017 at 03:23 PM


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Hi Guys,

System Information: 1702 yMKT On Premis with HANA 1 SP 12.

I have a requirement to enhance the cuan_interaction_contact BO with customer Query. I have used the BOBF transaction and followed the guide to enhance the standard BO and create the custom queries under enhanced BO. The query wizard should ask me the data source (HANA Information Model) but it does not! Can someone help me with this issue? Please check the snap shots of BOBF.

Also one more help to get my concept clear in yMKT enhancement.

My requirement: There will be a new hana DB table (either replicated or created myself) which contains transactional data and cardinality betweek IC_ROOT to that table is 1->N.

All I want is to enhance the SEARCH Query under IC_ROOT BO, to enable the records of the new table to expose to the oDATA service related to that search query. What steps would I need to perform in order to expose the new query enables the new HANA table which has the 1 -> N relationship?

Best Regards,



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1 Answer

Matthias Reiner
Sep 26, 2017 at 11:24 AM

Hi Naeem,

can you explain a bit the use case? I had a discussion with some developers and the feedback was we need more information to check if this enhancement/ modification is supported at all. Are you trying to enhance/ modify the standard interaction contact search in the UI?



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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the reply. Basically, my custom use case is whereby a new table is going to associated to the interaction Contact Root Object (CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT) e.g. let's call this table as Tariffs. It means 1 IC may have one or several tariff information in that DB table. My ultimate requirement is to expose the tariff information in oData service (CUAN_COMMON_SRV). If someone would like to search Interaction Contact using common oData service, the related tariff information to that selected IC should also be shown as single entity or entity collection.

How would be solution in your opinion?

My approach:

I have enhanced the standard BO (CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT) with a sub-node called Tariff using BOB transaction. It creates associations to root node automatically. I could also test this enhancement in BOBT transcation. It shows sub-node (tariff) data under root node in runtime (please see the snapshot)

Now in the second phase of my problem, where I would like to expose this enhancement in the already existing (CUAN_COMMON_SRV) oData service, to expose the Tariff structure. Would oData services automatically be adapted where ever the CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT BO has been used? Or I have to enhance the oData service also?

Your quick reply on this would be more than appreciated.

Best Regards,

Naeem Khan



Hi Naeem,

OData services are not updated automatically. You need to adapt the model for the OData (Entity, EntitySet etc.) and then to regenerate the OData. You also need to enhance the structures that are used for returning the data collected by the OData (not everything from the root is returned by the OData).

Best regards



Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the reply.

I have enhance the existing oData service in my Z_Project, and then I created a new Entitiy with the ABAP structure which I would like to return in the oData (sofar so good seen in the METADATA). I have also created Association to the Root Entity (Interaction Contact 1 -> N cardinality). What I expact when I generate the runtime objects is that my new model provider class extension and data provider class extension should be created that contains the related CRUD methods (associated to that new entity e.g. TARIFF_GET_ENTITY and TARIFF_GET_ENTITIYSET). But this is not the case (please see the snapshot). The DPC and MPC extensions are created but no CRUD methods exists where I can code TARIFF (new entity) related CRUD operations.

Please help.

Best Regards,

Naeem Khan