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Custom fields longer than 255 characters

Sep 21, 2017 at 01:18 PM


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The "custom fields and logic" app in hybris marketing, allows to create custom fields, but limits them to 255 characters.

Is there a way to have fields longer than 255?

We need it for example for a "comment" field on a contact form on our website. The contact form with the personal data + the free comment should arrive in hybris marketing; and hybris marketing should send a mail to the account that the contact form is meant for; so we need to be able to add this "comment" field into the e-mail as an attribute field as well.

Or another example; on our website there is a tool in which you multi-select some input fields; and then get a result page with some suggested products. We want the customer to be able to indicate he wants to save the result page by e-mailing it to himself. But the url of this result page can be very long; longer than 255 characters (due to the many multiselect parameters being part of the url; so like

www .tool. com/resultpage?select1=1;5;6;&select2=4&select3=2;3;4;5 

but then not with numbers but actual names of the parameters so it gets very long...)



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Joyca Vervinckt Oct 05, 2017 at 02:46 PM

Dear all,

We found a solution to this now.

In the custom fields and logic app, it is not possible to create fields longer than 255; because they are created as ABAP CHAR type fields.

However, it is possible to create extra custom fields in the backend in SE11; with type STRING.

I also found that there are two fields available on Interaction which are longer than 255 standard: ContentData and SourceDataUrl.

Hakan, you already mentioned the ContentData, but I had it confused with the Note on the landing page; it's indeed possible to use ContentData; thanks!



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Hakan Köse Sep 23, 2017 at 11:41 AM

Hi Joyce,

For contact forms, what kind of business object you are using? Landing pages? Or you simply create a specific interaction? If it's landing page, you can make use of "Note" elements. If filling contact from leads to a specific interaction creation, I think you can make use of fields "Content Title" and "Content Data" for that specific interaction type.

For second case, I hope each selection of product indicates a single navigation URL If so, then multiselection means several different URLs rather than an unified one with multi placeholders. I think you can handle with including seperate URL's in e-mail contents rather than trying concatenating them in a single URL. What do you think?

Kind regads,

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Hi Hakan,

Thanks for your answer. Here my reply:

- no I'm not using hybris marketing's landing pages, as the contact pages on our website are already existing; and the ymkt landing pages functionality is too limited to rebuild them (e.g. there are forms with contest questions).

Also I know of the "Note" element, but I can't seem to find it in e-mail personalization to also send what was filled in as a note... and from the existing contact pages, which integrate via odata, I can't use this "Note" element either...

- second case: I'm not talking about selections of products. The tool is more like a selection of colors, items, images; which then together generate a recommendation. So the url then contains for example color=yellow;blue;greenℑ=circle;triangle and then you see some recommendations based on that; so it's not individual url's.



Krishnendu Laha Sep 25, 2017 at 11:34 AM

Hi Joyca,

There is no way to have text field more than 255 characters, this is a restriction from ABAP kernel and database layer. Please look for alternate like multiple fields of 255 characters to store data.



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