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Sep 21, 2017 at 12:01 PM

Issue in saving HELD PO in ME23N


Hello Team,

We are using ECC 6.0. We have activated the business function for PART and HOLD buttons. So Hold functionality is working fine in ME21N,ME51N,ME52N and ME53N.

But we have issues in ME22N and ME23N. While creating a PO ,we have some errors

So we have saved the PO as held document. But in ME22N/ME23N, I have opened this HELD po and clicked on SAVE button. The held PO got saved successfully

without showing error messages. And even in CHECK button also its showing as "No error messages found during check".

Could you please help me on this issue . Any configuration do we need to check to display the error messages while SAVING held PO. or any SAP note do we have to implement. Could you please kindly suggest ASAP.