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PO no output when i delete all items with error ME140

Hello Experts, we are using the PO message type NEU to send email to vendors for notification, and if I only marked some of the items to deletion flag , the email works correct ,and will have an new PO output send to vendors, but if I delete all the items , the PO message will be stopped by the error . when I go to the message tab, I can see there is an error mentioned ME 140 No print-relevant changes to document XXXXXXXXX exist. could someone help to advise me if there is any configuration I need to change ? thanks
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4 Answers

  • Sep 22, 2017 at 05:28 AM

    Define a change message in Fine-tuned control for purchase orders IMG > Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Types->Define message type for purchase order->Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order

    see this wiki:

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    • Hello J . would like to ask you how to using the " printer operation " as you told to setup a change message, what's the difference for this indicator between "1" and "2 " . I set a "2" change for NEU , in this way will list out the change I made ? and show in where ? since I found no any difference if I preview the PO output for the multi item PO when I delete one of them. thanks !
  • Sep 21, 2017 at 11:34 AM

    What "new" output is send to your vendor when you only delete one item?

    Do you get an output which says: item xxxxx deleted

    or do you get the PO with all items but the deleted one?

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    • we will get the refreshed PO output without the deleted item . so there is no output when I delete all , which make I can't process the message successfully , how can I solve this ? thanks
  • Sep 22, 2017 at 09:10 AM


    Ensure that you have maintained the routine 3 against the deletion indicator in print relevant cchanges as shown below:

    If its maintained and message triggered correctly, you can display the mssage in ME9F before processing it. If its processed, please check in spool for the message and preview the same - refer the note: 450617 ME9*: Messages cannot be displayed

    Also check the notes: Note 28869 - Printout of changes although field not print-relevant and 2341097 - No print-relevant changes to document exist (ME140) displayed in ME9A for RFQ change



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    • thank you Prasoon, my indicator for this point is no problem. so it works good if I only delete some of the PO items, it will regenerate the message , my problem is when I delete all item in the PO , the message will be failed with the error " no print relevant ... " but actually we need this could be sent out to vendors
  • Sep 25, 2017 at 08:02 PM

    I do not know what you see, and I do not know whether you see a result of an own program and form or from the SAP standard.

    If something does not work as desired with own print programs and own forms then a test with SAP standard programs and forms would bring some light into the darkness.

    NEU is the German word for NEW, of course it may be convenient to use only NEU for new output as well as output for changes, but it is confusing.

    So we usually define a extra message type CHG to output change messages. For this we need a new message determination and could even use different programs and forms if we would. Fine tuned means that I have a 1 for NEU and a 2 for CHG.

    If you get a message "no print-relevant ...." then you have probably EKPO-LOEKZ excluded from being print relevant (see Prasoon's screenshot), hence your output fails as it has no item to be printed on your form.

    This is what I get when I delete all items (this PO had just 1 item, so deleting this single item means as well all items deleted):

    I would really recommend to change the the program and form back to SAPs standard and to try if it works well. And if it does then the error must be in your own program / form. If it does still not work as expected then something in your customizing must be different than expected.

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