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Oct 22, 2007 at 08:42 PM

Error in : SELECT statement with FOR ALL ENTRIES IN


Hi Guys,

I am using SELECT statement with FOR ALL ENTRIES. when I check the syntax, it is saying ENDSELECT is needed for select statement below

I verified internal table it_all_data has 5 unique records.

SELECT abkrs

FROM t549a

INTO it_t549a

FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_all_data

WHERE abkrs EQ li_info_all-abkrs.

If I use ENDSELECT in above statement then internal table it_t540a is blank.

But this SELECT statments below works fine.

  • SELECT bukrs belnr gjahr buzei mwskz umsks prctr hkont xauto koart

  • dmbtr mwart hwbas aufnr projk shkzg kokrs

  • FROM bseg

  • INTO TABLE it_bseg

  • FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_bkpf

  • WHERE bukrs EQ it_bkpf-bukrs AND

  • belnr EQ it_bkpf-belnr AND

  • gjahr EQ it_bkpf-gjahr.

Can somebody help to figure it out.