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BUG: Activity stream: missing comments, incorrect timestamp

Oct 13, 2016 at 05:22 AM


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The Activity stream is spammy and very hard to use, but it turns out that it does not even register all my comments in All Activity types:

Why my comments from Coffee corner are here, but not the the ones from Q&A?

01.jpg (61.5 kB)
02.jpg (84.1 kB)
10 |10000 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

I had to use the comment function to add more information for the second issue: from the first screenshot you can see when the question was created - 10 hours ago.

My Activity stream has a different opinion (both pages were refreshed seconds before taking the screenshots):

I still see no logical explanation why the SAP design team has chosen to obscure the exact time and date of creation: this information, both in Q&A and in the Activity stream is important; and most people have learned to interpret time in HH:MM:ss format in a very early age.

And, please, remove the restriction of 2 attachments/post, as you can see, it adds no real value.

03.jpg (23.5 kB)
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