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BUG: Activity stream: missing comments, incorrect timestamp

The Activity stream is spammy and very hard to use, but it turns out that it does not even register all my comments in All Activity types:

Why my comments from Coffee corner are here, but not the the ones from Q&A?

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02.jpg (84.1 kB)
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  • I had to use the comment function to add more information for the second issue: from the first screenshot you can see when the question was created - 10 hours ago.

    My Activity stream has a different opinion (both pages were refreshed seconds before taking the screenshots):

    I still see no logical explanation why the SAP design team has chosen to obscure the exact time and date of creation: this information, both in Q&A and in the Activity stream is important; and most people have learned to interpret time in HH:MM:ss format in a very early age.

    And, please, remove the restriction of 2 attachments/post, as you can see, it adds no real value.

    03.jpg (23.5 kB)
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