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Oct 22, 2007 at 02:26 PM

ESS Customization.



I'm trying to customize the component ess/us/addr from the standard ESS package. I'm adding extra telephone fields into the existing screen. I'm adding the following elements on my UI layer.

Label : Com01 Area1 Teln1 Extn1

The names mentioned above(except label) are context variables mapped to the model. Model Name : HRXSS_PER_P0006_US. Com01 is a drop down field the other three are input fields. These UI elements are on the Edit screen.

Scenario : I'm successfully launching the WD application. Updating the fields with valid data in the edit screen and successfully saving. None of the fields mentioned above are mandatory. After saving, when i go back to the screen again and try to change the existing data, I'm successful again.<b> " But during this data modification, I get an error after deleting the entries and leaving the fields blank."</b> I then checked the backend, i realized that, when i try to delete the entries and proceed, the backend entries are not getting deleted. On further enquiry i saw that, the com01 field is being emptied in the backend and the other three fields are not getting updated. <b>In the backend, Area1, Teln1, Extn1 are together getting saved as Num01. My problem is this field Num01 is not getting updated when i leave the fields blank on the UI.</b>

Please help solving the issue. Can anyone also elaborate if this is a WD java problem or a problem from the backend?