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Oct 22, 2007 at 12:40 PM



Hi All,

Currently i am working in Mobile Infrastructure and i have one memory issue,where the customer is trying to run the report MEREP_PURGE in the backround job and getting failed with the runtime error "TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED ".

When i checked the dump i found out that the runtime error occurs while executing the select statement and found out that the select statement consumes more than 1.5 GB .The table contains more than 6 lacs records.

Interesting part is that he is trying to purge the data for one day which is containing this much of data.

Here is the select statement query.

*  Delete table 504 Outbox Data
* outbox data can be huge. So do in steps
      select mandt direction mbl_id seqno rcd_cntr
        into table ldt_504
        up to gcf_packagesize rows
      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN ldt_505
        where mbl_id    = ldt_505-mbl_id and
              seqno     = ldt_505-seqno and
              direction = ldt_505-direction.


gcf_packagesize rows = 10000.

Can anyone tell me wheather is it possible to optimize the query or any memory parameters needs to be changed to handle this runtime error.

Thanks and Regards,