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Oct 22, 2007 at 09:54 AM

subcontract order


Hello guys,

I have a scenario where our client procures m,aterial disposal services form vendor through a subcontarct order.

this is done in the following way.

Disposal service is maintained as a Service material and a Subcontract PO is created against that Service material.

the material which needs to be disposed is sent to vendor as compnents of that service material.

so suppose if i have to dispose 1000 kg of materia A, then there will be a seperate service material B maintained and material A will be BOM compnanet of material B.

So for disposing 1000 kg of A , i will place a subconmtarct PO with venodor for 1000 kg of service material B and will

send 1000 kg of material A as compnents to vendor.

Vendor will dspose taht material and will charge me for disposal service.

now problem im facing is taht when im trying to do MIGO for PO , im getting strange message that'

Special stock O 0000301474 7700001 of this material does not exist

Can u help me with this?