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Oct 13, 2016 at 12:59 PM

cl_sql_statement ->set_param_table missing value


Dear friends,

When I use the class cl_sql_statement to insert data into oracle, use the method set_param_table to do the mass insert. it can insert multiple data one time, but the value inserted is miss half every column.

such as I insert one data like: open 2016

then in oracle the data store like this : op 20

this is my code:

data: temp1 TYPE REF TO data,

con_ref TYPE REF TO cl_sql_connection,

sql1 TYPE REF TO cl_sql_statement.



con_ref = con_ref.

lw_test-col1 = '88'.

lw_test-col2 = lw_data-gjahr.

lw_test-col3 = lw_data-monat.

lw_test-col4 = lw_data-dms_view.

lw_test-col5 = lw_data-bukrs.

lw_test-col6 = lw_data-hkont.

lw_test-col7 = lw_data-hfm_icp.

lw_test-col8 = lw_data-hfm_c1.

lw_test-col9 = lw_data-hfm_c2.

lw_test-col10 = lw_data-hfm_c3.

lw_test-col11 = lw_data-hfm_c4.

lw_test-col12 = lw_data-amount.

lw_test-col13 = lw_data-ATTRIBUTE1.

lw_test-col23 = 1000.

APPEND lw_test to lt_test.

lw_test-col1 = '89'.

APPEND lw_test to lt_test.

GET REFERENCE OF lt_test INTO temp1.

sql1 = con_ref->create_statement( ).

sql1->set_param_table( temp1


lv_res = sql1->execute_update( stmt ).

after I insert my data into oracle, the data will miss half value, so can anyone help me with this case?

Thanks for your sincerely answer!