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Former Member
Oct 19, 2007 at 01:56 PM

FCV3 - incorrect result



I have some issue with FCV3, where i think the output is incorrect.

Previously in our co. we had 3 Credit Control Area’s.(CCA) A, B & C.

During that period, they were some entries posted against CCA (B).

Subsequently, it was decided by the management to use only one CCA (A) and stop using the other two CCA’s (B & C).

So they clubbed the total Credit limit and updated that value for CCA (A).

So now after making the above changes, when FCV3 has been run with CCA ( A to C),

I observe that the Credit limit value is shown as 0.00, where as the Credit limit for CCA 'A' is 10000,

So I think it should show 10000 instead of 0.00, because in the selection parameters of FCV3 I mention CCA 'A' to 'C'.

There are no open items against CCA (A & B). But There is one open item against CCA (B)

Can anyone suggest me what could have gone wrong.