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Oct 19, 2007 at 12:22 PM

ESS FPM language for Jco connections


Hi all,

Does anyone knows where FPM takes the language to stablish JCo connections? Any configuration in SLD?

My problem is that it's taking two different languages (so generating two different connections) for two different Fc components.

This is the piece of code to generate Jco Connection String (function connectModelInternal in BackendConnections which is a custom controller of component xxfpm):

// determine key for connection
// reuse a connection when using the same rollAreaKey, modelScope or same systamname, client, language, logontype, user
String systemIdentifier = WDSystemLandscape.getJCOClientConnection(model.getSystemName()).getSystemIdentifier();
String connectionKey = rollAreaKey + ':' + systemIdentifier + ':' + model.getModelScope().toString();