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Oct 19, 2007 at 12:08 PM

Problem with creation of KM content


Dear community,

i have a strange problem when creating content in Km wia Web Dynpro. (I have read all the blogs, sdn forum posts and SAP documentation on that issue so far - means I know how to access the KM, store content, create folders, etc).

My problem is:

I create text-files in KM (ending: properties) which contain simple key-value pairs of Strings. The files get created and everything is fine but somehow the KM treats them as binary file (MIME Type: Binary File (text)) and won't recognize them as "text/plain" (or FORTRAN source file (text/plain) as KM loves to call it...).

I created them via:

Content aContent = new Content(in, "text/plain", in.available());

but the content-type gets dumped somewhere on the way through the depths of SAP EPs KM.

Does anyone have a glue on to tell KM programmatically to make my file occur as "text/plain" so I can display them like I'd like to in the Portal?

Thanks for your help!